Founded in 1991, BCA Têxtil Ltda., a Strategic Defense Company (EED) since 2012, present on 4 continents, specialized in the development and industrialization of ballistic protection in composite material for protection. The company owns a ballistic laboratory, weaving, application of NeoFlex ballistic adhesive (patented), lamination, pressing, CNC cutting, and machining of composite material.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means the company supplies solutions for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Federal Police. Providing composite material for more than 45,000 armored vehicles worldwide, dozens of vessels and aircraft, as well as personal protection against rifles for more than 20,000 soldiers and police force.

In 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic, BCA focused on saving lives, participated with its structure in the expansion of national capacity for the manufacturing of surgical masks, products, and productive machinery in São José dos Campos.

We hope to establish new partnerships and you are our guests to come and visit our factory.

Global Presences

provides for markets
automotive, aerospace, security
and defense, high-end products
performance and low weight,
combining aramid solutions,
UWHMPE and ceramics

  • - Argentina
  • - Brazil
  • - Chile
  • - Colombia
  • - Egypt
  • - Guatemala
  • - Japan
  • - Mexico
  • - Oman
  • - Paraguay
  • - Portugal
  • - South Africa
  • - Turkey
  • - Uruguay
  • - Venezuela



Tel.: +55 12 3903-9933
Fax.: +55 12 3966-6365

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